Gilles Street Primary School.

Welcome to Gilles Street Primary School

"Niina marni. Gilles Tapa Muna Piipawardli miyurnarlu tampinthi Kaurna miyurna yarta mathanya Wama Tarntanyaku"
Hello. Gilles Street Primary School community recognizes Kaurna people as the owners/custodians of the Adelaide Plains.

"The world in our city school"

At Gilles Street Primary School we thrive in a learning environment that powers up and empowers learners.

We strive to develop inquiring, creative and respectful individuals, who through learning from each other form a deep appreciation of the richness of humanity and their role in shaping it.

What's On?

  • ICAS Testing

    Students in Years 3-7 have been asked if they would like to participate in the ICAS (International Competitions and Assessment for Schools) Tests, which occur in Computer Skills, Science, Spelling, English and Maths. These are a voluntary test and there is a cost attached to sitting them. Please contact Mark if your child dd not bring home information and you would like them to sit any one of these tests.

  • School Sports

    As the year progresses, Mark will be bringing information about various sporting events around to classes, please see him or contact at the below email if your child misses any of it or you would like more clarification. .

    Upcoming SAPSASA Events

    Information will be made available to students next week about the State Basketball Championships, and the East Adelaide District Trials for Football and Cross Country. Please contact Mark if you want information regarding these events and your child hasn't brought it home by Tuesday afternoon.

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