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Your 2020 School Council

Our principal works closely with parents, staff and students to develop recommendations and strategies to achieve the broad site directions that are jointly set with the council.

When working together at Gilles Street Primary School we respect and follow our agreed upon Essential Understandings by:

  • Always assuming positive intent
  • Respecting and valuing other people's ideas (address the issue not the person)
  • Showing courtesy and respecting confidentiality at all times
  • Listening actively and interacting in discussions without being interrupted
  • Structuring time and climate to allow equitable opportunities for thinking and constructive discussion
For more information on the function of the School Council and the role of governance in schools and preschools click here.

2020 School Council Members

Emma Anderson - Co-Chairperson
David Conroy - Co-Chariperson
Ramesh Segaran - Treasurer
Catherine Campbell - Secretary
Siobhan Guy
Matthew Byrne
Susie Masi
Doreen Begovic
Emily Bourke
Carlton Wilson

The council has standing members who represent the staff and community
Michael Bawden (Principal)
Ginny Pryor (Staff Rep)
Rachael Tennant (Staff Rep)
Steve Kirk (Community Rep)