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3D Printing at Gilles Street Primary School

3D printing has been building as a part of our STEM/Design and Digital technologies since 2014 when we bought our first 3D printer. Year 5 students with the guidance of Val Zogopoulos took their Mathematical understandings to new levels as they applied their thinking to 3D models. Student spatial awareness, identification and application of 3D shapes to design concepts has grown while using the Makers Empire app. This year we are participating in phase 2 of the 3D Printing Primary project and will have the opportunity to not only showcase our 3D designs but to share with other teachers the design of learning that goes with such innovative learning. Find out more about Makers Empire.

3D printing 3D printing

Innovation and Learning at Gilles Street Primary School.

At Gilles Street Primary School we believe in a learning environment in which:

  • technology is in the hands of learners for anytime-anywhere learning
  • personalised tools for learning are used effectively
  • online access to information is available when students need it
  • personal devices support students to move from learning as an individual to sharing and working in collaborative learning networks
  • students are challenged to participate in and negotiate the digital knowledge economy, in a safe environment
  • 21st century skills they need for tomorrow are developed today
Our BYOT (Bring Your Own Technology) Policy is available from our Publications page.