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Microsoft Partners in Learning

In 2011 we were selected as one of 20 schools nationally to participate in the Microsoft Partners in Learning Innovative Schools Project. Microsoft believes that technology is simply a tool that when used appropriately in an educational context can help improve teaching and learning'. Our engagement in the Innovative Schools project saw us participate in a rich program of peer coaching, and professional development by working on Innovation projects and sharing these with educators nationally through forums in Canberra, Darwin and Perth.

Our 2012 Project followed two threads. The first thread captures the journey of a school through a change process to innovation and the other looks at student empowerment as they become connected more personally to their learning through the digital technology tools.

You can view the video showcasing our project here:

In 2013 we continued our collaboration with Microsoft as part of the Alumni Schools Project. We will be working to embed the 21CLD (21st Century Learning Design) Rubrics for teachers and students and developing skills in Collaboration, Knowledge Construction, Self-Regulation, Skilled Communication and Real World Problem-Solving and Innovation and the Use of ICT for Learning.