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Growing with Gratitude

Growing With Gratitude is the resilience program that Gilles Street Primary school is currently using for teaching students how to protect their mental wellbeing and how to be successful and happier in school and life. We do this by teaching skills based on gratitude, kindness, positive reflection, empathy, mindfulness and serving others, resulting in greater resilience and happiness. Further we are teaching our students skills to overcome adversity and challenges, as well as teaching them to be good citizens.

We teach the five habits of happiness which are:

- Attitude of Gratitude - gratitude & appreciation practice
- Random Acts of Kindness - kindness practice
- Positive Reflection - growth mindset, optimism, empathy, resilience practice
- Wellbeing Warrior - mindfulness & physical activity practice
- Operation Home Service - serving others practice.

You will see the language of these habits displayed around the school.

Please see the Growing with Gratitude website for more information -

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