The Festival of Music News
The Festival of Music
The Festival of Music News
The Festival of Music is a State Icon that has been running for 130 years. Our school was involved in the very first Festival of Music (called the 1000 Voice Choir) 130 years ago!

This year we are excited to announce that a number of our students will once again be involved in this massive event.

Students in Senior Voices are currently learning a range of songs to perform as part of the big choir in September. There are 14 songs to learn, with the opportunity for families to also be involved in one as part of a virtual choir (details to come).

We are also proud to announce that Mali (Room 11) has successfully auditioned as a cello player for the Orchestra and has begun rehearsals.
There are also a number of other students who are currently auditioning for Troupe and Host positions. We wish them all the very best and hope they enjoy the experience.

The Festival of Music will be moving to the Entertainment Centre this year due to Festival Theatre upgrades happening in September. Details and dates are still being finalised and will be announced soon.
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  • Date08-Mar-21
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