Attitude of Gratitude:
Be a Reading Warrior!
Attitude of Gratitude:
Reading can have a huge impact on your feelings of wellbeing. Read at least ten pages of a book each day. Ten pages does not take long to read and if you keep at it, reading ten pages a day will equate to 15 ? 20 books per year!

Maybe try reading non-fiction books, especially if you normally read fiction. As well as learning new things, you can find what resonates with you and take action and apply to your life. You could even share learnings with someone.

Think about:
- What area of my life do I want to improve?
- What can I take away from this book and apply in my life?
- What did I learn from my reading today?
- How will I ensure I read 10 pag-es?
- Who can I share my learnings with?
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